DSC00005Hi. I’m Amber.
I’m the author of Holiday Chick and all the things you never knew/certain things you ought to know, and the girl behind An Amber-Colored Life. When I’m not writing fun blog posts and sad books, I’m producing projects like The Dapper Dozen with my favorite crew of creatives and dreaming up fun local events like Tipsy Trivia
A former long-time resident and lover of Minneapolis, I now live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, where I lead an incredibly glamorous life but try to keep it real by tweeting things like “I’m comfortable in my own skin” and “Who gon’ check me, boo?” And while I’m not much of an “outdoor” girl, I just bought a North Face jacket, so I’m pretty sure that’s all about to change.
You can also find me in these fine places:
Amber L.  Carter

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