Hey guys! My name is Meg and I’m a certified girl from the woods… and the north. But I haven’t always lived here. After my high school career ended, I longed for a new scene; the taste of something urban and more populated. I spent five years in the city of Chicago…and I loved every second of it. In those 5 years, I earned a bachelor’s degree in photography and a master’s degree in developing a life of my own. I grew so much from my concrete-jungle-experience, that I never dreamed of moving back to the town I grew up in…. And then I did. Like so many people who venture away, I found myself back in the woods. But this time, I approached the lifestyle with appreciation.

When I moved home, I was immediately given (and I say that with all the gratitude in the world) a job in my field. I was hired on as a photographer for a studio in downtown Hayward, but quickly learned that I am far too stubborn to work under anyone. My goal, albeit, the most fearful conquest I have yet to be fully accomplished with, is to have my own photography business. And that is my current living dream.

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